Where in the World is Peter MacDonagh?

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Peter-Amdam-1Those are big shoes I’m trying to fill. It’s very windy in Holland, but these clogs helped keep my feet on the ground, and these clogs are safety rated also! I had a great trip to look at Urban Trees & Greenroofs in Amsterdam, Malmo & Stockholm. I was honored that Joris Voeten biked with me around Amsterdam showing me lots of Amsterdam SBSS (Sand Based Structural Soil) projects. He also took me to this amazing little village of Dutch houses, windmills, barns, etc. collected from Holland. It’s like Disney World, but authentic in every way. Later, Tobias & Jonaton showed me a whole array of different green roofs in Malmo; then it was back to Urban Trees in Stockholm with Sophia, Orjan & Bjorn, here’s an inadequate but grateful thank you to them all. I learned that when have almost no land that isn’t under water and it’s all sand (Holland) or when you have lots of land, but it seems to be all rock, people can be extremely creative & inventive. My trip & my hosts instructed & inspired me in many ways, and I will start writing a blog in the near future to tell you about it. All the best, Peter